Game Processing

“No one does it like Lee’s”

We process hundreds of deer annually and our customers know they'll get only the best quality and service from Lee's Meats and Sausages. 

No one has more ways to do it than Lee's Meats and Sausages. At the home of German Sausages near Tea, South Dakota, one of our many specialties is wild game processing. It was Lee Hofer’s belief that skinning and quartering wild game in the field is a fun and exciting ingredient in the hunt. Following the advice he gives in his Wild Game Processing video, you can skin, quarter and transport your wild game to Lee's Meats and Sausages for further processing.
We process wild game all year round, so if you have some wild game trim still sitting in your freezer that you just never got around to doing anything with, bring it to us and we will turn it into gourmet delights for your eating enjoyment. We specialize in various delicious sausages for all your wild game needs. All of our sausages are prepared with our international award winning recipes. Our customers know they get only the best quality and service from Lee's Meats and Sausages. Our time-honored tradition of hand carving every piece of meat brings out the delicate flavors and texture of good wild game. We guarantee all meat processed will be returned in the cleanest, most wholesome manner possible. We process your meat to your specifications.
We also smoke salmon, chickens, turkeys, wild geese, ducks and pheasants in our German smokehouse, giving you a delicious hickory smoked flavor.
We Support “Sportsmen Against Hunger” 
We Process Donated Antelope or Deer Does for NO CHARGE!!

What Sets Lee’s Apart

  • Federally Inspected Daily
  • Year Round Wildgame Processing
  • Minimum Order 1 lb. Per Product
  • We Offer Unique Specialty Items
  • Free Wildlife Museum

Try any of these Gourmet Wild Game selections from Lee's:

Deposit on Processing $50
Deer Processing $95 + $5 Disposal Fee
Antelope Processing $80 + $5 Disposal Fee
Elk Processing $.85/lb. + $35 Skinning + Disposal Fee

Deer Quarters

$20.00 Each
Antelope Quarters $17.00 Each
Burger - Nothing Added $.95/lb.
Burger - With Beef Added $1.19/lb.
Cleaning Fee (if necessary)  

 *All Prices Are Per Lb - Finished Weight*

Hunter's Snack Stix $4.80/lb.
Hunter's Snack Stix with Cheddar $5.55/lb.
Spicy Snack Stix $4.80/lb.
Spicy Snack Stix with Cheese $5.10/lb.
BBQ Stix $5.55/lb.
Jalapeno Cheddar Snack Stix $5.55/lb.
Pepperoni Pizza Snack Stix (with Mozzarella) $5.30/lb.
Teriyaki Snack Stix $4.85/lb.
Chopped & Formed Gourmet Jerky $6.40/lb.
Teriyaki Chopped & Formed Jerky $6.40/lb.
Lee's Gourmet Strip Jerky $8.45/lb.
Gourmet Summer Sausage $3.80/lb.
Gourmet Cheddar Summer Sausage $4.05/lb.
Gourmet Jalapeno Summer Sausage $4.15/lb.
Jalapeno Cheddar Summer Sausage $4.50/lb.
Gourmet Salami $3.85/lb.
Old World Garlic $3.80/lb.
Bavarian Gourmet Sausage $3.80/lb.
Breakfast Sausage (Bulk) $3.15/lb.
Fresh Jalapeno Cheddar Bratwurst $4.65/lb.
Fresh Pineapple Bratwurst $4.65/lb.
Fresh Italian Breakfast Links $3.99/lb.
Sportsman Sausage $7.49/lb.
Smoked Rope Sausage $3.90/lb.
Cheddarwurst $4.35/lb.
Gourmet Smoked Bratwurst $4.35/lb.
Old Fashion Franks $3.99/lb.
Old Fashion Franks with Cheddar $4.35/lb.
Bacon Wrapped Chopped Steak $3.30/pkg.
Bacon Wrapped Loin $3.40/pkg.
Gourmet Pickled Polish $7.00/jar
Jalapeno Pickled Polish $3.79/jar
Gourmet Smoked Bacon $3.95/lb.
Dried (Sliced) $5.50/lb.



Jerky (Waterfowl - Turkey - Pheasant) $8.30/lb.
Salami (Waterfowl) $4.55/lb.
Snack Stix (Waterfowl) $5.75/lb.
Snack Stix (Pheasant - Turkey) $5.75/lb.
Cheddarwurst (Waterfowl) $5.40/lb.


Try adding a delicious hickory smoked flavor to your game meat- We marinade and smoke:

and more..


*We make products out of a wide-range of wild game animals.  When in doubt, bring it out!



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